Recycling Services in Spokane, Washington

For quality recycling services that will allow you to get rid of your old items, come to United Recycling Services in Spokane, Washington.

What Sets Us Apart

Recycling your old materials should be as easy as 1-2-3, and while other companies limit their access through answering machines, we place a premium on always being available to the customer. Should you need a metal recycling service to get rid of that large stack of copper that you have in your office, or a way to carry over a large stack of paper for some paper shredding, we can easily send someone over to provide you with a recycling program and containers to transport your items.

We provide recycling programs for individuals, businesses, governments, national and local facilities, and outlets. In addition, we offer weekly, monthly, and bimonthly service, and we are able to customize your schedule around your daily life. Whether you need someone to come over and pick-up your materials, just a place to drop them off, we are here for you.

Our company offers both retail and business recycling services. Should you have any questions about our recycling process, or simply need some help to transport that large stack of metal at your business, be sure to call our professional staff for assistance. Making the decision to recycle will result in a positive impact on the environment, and choosing to recycle through us ensures that you will receive enough money to purchase whatever your heart desires.

Be sure to visit United Recycling Services in Spokane, Washington, to learn more about our recycling services.